Maverick Advantage partners with 1905 Brewing Company.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with 1905 Brewing Company!

“1905 Brewing Company grew from the seeds of a community seeking to make their town a better place to live and work. Seeing possibilities in an aging town, an aspiring group of individuals came together, brainstorming ways in invest in a small town’s future, while preserving a piece of its past. From that came an idea to brew and sell unique and flavorful beers within a setting of a renovated, century old building, rich with local history, located in the heart of Assumption, Illinois.

The brewery building was built, in 1905, to house Benderoth Hardware, a center of the mining-based community of its time. 1905 Brewing Company keeps that tradition as a community meeting place, while serving a wide range of beers with big, clean flavors.

1905 offers a memorable experience that suits the locals and also attracts those out searching the Illinois prairie for something a little different. Sit down, have a beer, and enjoy the small town life at 1905 Brewing Company.”