Jeep Mirror Set- Doorless/Replacement Side View Mirrors

Maverick Advantage is excited to announce that we now carry a side view mirror set for Jeeps. These Jeep mirror sets include everything you need to see both sides behind you, including the mounting hardware! They are constructed of a sturdy powder coated metal. These mirror include a second support arm that increases durability, and decreases vibration! These mirrors are priced low, though they are very durable and work great with almost all Jeeps! All orders placed before 2:30pm EST are shipped out on the same day!


This set is designed for doorless Jeeps for off road use. These mirrors are easy to install and take less than 5 minutes! 


Maverick Advantage Off Road Side View Mirror Kit for Jeep Fits: Wrangler Sahara CJ YJ TJ JK JL Off-Door Hinges

Universal Rear View Mirror

Universal UTV Mirror

Maverick Advantage has released its most universal rear view mirror to date for your UTV! The URBO mirror will mount to all LNR style frame UTV’S, and non round roll bar frame UTV’S. It will also mount to all 1 1/2″ to 2″ round roll bar UTV’s. This mirror comes with a mounting post and mounting hardware for non round roll bar UTV’s. It also comes with a clamp and mounting hardware for round roll bar UTV’s. The mirror face is 12″ x 4 1/4″ in viewing size. The URBO is desigend to mount on any factory mounting surface! It will fit common brand UTV’s such as Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, CanAm, John Deere, CFMOTO, Kawasaki, Kubota, Roxor, Artic Cat, and UTV’s with roll bars within the clamp size above.


It is also made of durable Safety Glass that is housed in a Nylon housing for maxium durability. These are great for improving the safety on your UTV and leading to more time to ride!


The LNR Style or non round roll bar is very simple to mount. You simply connect the provided post to the mirror. Once that is done, you use the provided two screws to drill into the factory mounting surface. Please remember to loosen the post before adjusting the mirror, or the post will break! 

The Round Roll Bar mounting style is also very simple and easy to install. The mirror includes the required clamp, mirror, tools, and mounting hardware. The first step is to put the clamp around the round roll bar. Then you attach the post to the mirror, and use the hardware to connect the post to the clamp!Please remember to loosen the post before adjusting the mirror, or the post will break! 






KN-95 Masks

We are now offering KN-95 Masks for an affordable price. We offer packs of 10,30,50, and 100!

Select KN-95 Masks and Personalized Products on the home page, then select the KN-95 Masks section to purchase your masks!

10 KN-95 Mask

New Product Alert!


Need more bed space? The Maverick Advantage Ranger Cargo accessory rack spans the entire width of the bed increasing the bed space and allowing plenty of places to tie things down.
ONLY $310!
4 Twist Lock anchors included!
  • Cargo racks increase the capacity of UTV bed
  • Compatible with a variety of Polaris Ranger models
  • Power-coated steel-welded tubing
  • No tools required for installation
  • Fits 2006-2018 Full Size Rangers including XP 700,800,900,1000

Dealership of The Week 02/19/2018 – Pro X Powersports


This week’s dealership of the week is Pro X Powersports. Located in Chattanooga, TN they have been an authorized dealer of Maverick Advantage Products since December of 2017.


“Welcome to Pro X Powersports serving the Chattanoooga and Ooltewaha, Tennessee areas. We specialize in Crestliner, Cypress Cay Pontoons, Polaris, Stingray and Trailmaster products; new and pre-owned ATV, boat and utility vehicle. We offer the best prices in the country. Call, email, or stop in!

Looking for genuine Crestliner, Cypress Cay Pontoons, Polaris, Stingray and TrailMaster parts, riding gear, and accessories? Browse our catalogs online, or try our Shop by Vehicle feature to find parts to fit your ATV, boat or utility vehicle. We also offer OEM replacement parts.

Our service department offers repair and maintenance on any brand of ATV, boat and utility vehicle. Request service online, or stop in today!”

Maverick Advantage Wants To Help YOU Prepare for Your Small Business Open House

We have a lot of customers who order promotional products for their yearly open house. If you are one of those customers, we would love to hear from you.
We researched some helpful ideas to help you have your own open house.  In an article from Wells Fargo, they said “Open house events can be effective promotional tools for small businesses that offer products and services…..They can also be a practical option for businesses that rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals”. Let’s face it, we are all in the business to make some money. Open house events are a great way to bring in potential customers. They are also a great way to give a little back to the customers you already have and keep them coming to you. So how do you get started? Well, you already have. Just being open to the idea of an open house is step one in the process. There are a lot of articles on line about how to do this.
Here are some suggestions to help you have a successful open house:
What is your purpose for having an Open House?
Do you want to promote a new product or bring in new clients? No matter what your goals are, be sure that you incorporate them into your planning stages. You employees need to be available and knowledgeable to show off your product or answer questions for new customers.
Set the date, time and budget:
Seems simple enough but you may want to check out the community schedule. If your local sports team is going to state in the next town, you may not have a good turnout. Use your Facebook page to create an event. That will track the number of people interested or attending.  If Facebook doesn’t work for you then you can send out an invitation via email using Eventbrite. (we have no reason to promote these two businesses. It’s just what seems to work for others we know)
Name tags: 
 We suggest name tags for your employees and also for your guest. Building customer relationships is important and forgetting their name after they have told you does not help build your relationship.  Seeing their name with their face as you talk to them helps you remember who they are. Be sure to have them register so you have their email for your next event or sale.
We strongly recommend you find something you have in common with your customer. (not just at your open house but each time you meet a new customer) Small talk isn’t everyone’s strong suit but it’s extremely important to communicate well so the customer doesn’t go to your competition.  They are at your business because they are interested in your products so find out what specific items or colors stand out to them. If it’s something that is your favorite, let them know. Or find out where they are from, how many kids they have,  or if they are married or single. It just takes a couple simple questions to find common ground and build a relationship.
Mix and Mingle: 
The owners and/or managers need to be available to talk to each person. Have your staff show the customers around or even give a tour to keep them engaged after you greet them so that you can be sure and meet the next customer with a smile. When people are left standing around it makes them uncomfortable and they may just head for the door. Don’t let that happen.
  We recommend you don’t put the registration or prize table at the front door. In fact, put it toward the back of the room and make sure there is plenty of room around the table. This will allow the customers to see your inventory as they make their way back to the table and decrease the chance of a bottle neck.
 You can have the event catered or just have some cookies, coffee and bottled water. You choose how much you want to spend and then find something that fits your budget. Try and keep refreshments away from the prize table so that traffic will keep flowing.  Have plenty of trash cans around and if you have servers, be sure they wear gloves. If you are having your event when it is still a little chilly, then maybe have chili…or a soup bar. Don’t forget the crackers or cornbread. Or hot dogs and hamburgers. Those are simple. You can cook them ahead of time and put them in a crock pot or food warmer then your staff will have more time to mingle.
  Yep, that’s right. It can be your cousin’s brother-in-law on guitar or just some music playing in the back ground. For dealerships, we recommend some good ol’ rock and roll or country and be sure the lyrics are the “clean version”.  Some type of music that makes you want to go out and DRIVE.
Clean it up:
It’s a great time to organize, sweep, mop and dust. Let’s face it, with vehicles coming in and out, sometimes the facilities get a little dirty. Wipe down counter tops, check for cobwebs and scrub that bathroom. We have a local cleaning company that will come in and do one major clean and they are quite reasonable in price. You also want to be sure your client and financial files are tucked away securely.

Decorations and promotional items:

Keep the decorations simple. A few balloons out front so people know it’s your special day. Maybe even a banner that says “OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY” and include your website. One cost cutting measure would be to not include the date so you can use it for future events. And then of course, order your promotional items from MAVERICK ADVANTAGE! Putting your name in front of your customers all year long helps them remember who to go to when they are ready to buy. Key chains, knives, coffee mugs, insulated tumblers or any of our other items are great ways to advertise and boost your business! Look for some information in the near future about some wonderful promotional packages we are designing to help your open house be a huge success.

Thank you for your business. Check out our newest promotional items at or call us at 317-678-8922

Maverick Advantage partners with 1905 Brewing Company.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with 1905 Brewing Company!

“1905 Brewing Company grew from the seeds of a community seeking to make their town a better place to live and work. Seeing possibilities in an aging town, an aspiring group of individuals came together, brainstorming ways in invest in a small town’s future, while preserving a piece of its past. From that came an idea to brew and sell unique and flavorful beers within a setting of a renovated, century old building, rich with local history, located in the heart of Assumption, Illinois.

The brewery building was built, in 1905, to house Benderoth Hardware, a center of the mining-based community of its time. 1905 Brewing Company keeps that tradition as a community meeting place, while serving a wide range of beers with big, clean flavors.

1905 offers a memorable experience that suits the locals and also attracts those out searching the Illinois prairie for something a little different. Sit down, have a beer, and enjoy the small town life at 1905 Brewing Company.”

“They Make A Satisfying Squawk”

Here at Maverick Advantage we like to think that we have some pretty amazing..and innovative customers. We had recently received an e-mail from a great customer, Bob Locher. Bob advised that he, and his neighbor  Rich Chatelaine had figured a way to mount a bicycle horn to our mirror assembly on his Polaris Ranger 900XP. We were excited and intrigued to see what Bob and Rich had come up with. Rich used one of the two brackets supplied with the horn, (There are 2 – one to attach to the bike handle bar, and the other to the horn.) One was discarded. The other required the screw holes to opened up a bit and he used a metric screw, lock-washer and nut to fasten to the mirror bracket.


We are always excited to learn new ways our customers can improve on our products or add their own twist.


Thank you Bob for sharing this with us!


Happy Riding!


New Personalized Polar Camel Tumblers Are Here!

Maverick Advantage is very excited to announce the addition of Polar Camel Tumblers. These are available in 20 and 30 ounce options and are available in Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Teal, Light Blue, and Light Purple. Mix and match any of the desired colors!  The Polar Camel tumblers are meant to engraved with a logo or a design of your choice. We are here to help promote and support your small business, company, event or fundraiser. Please give us a call today to find out how to place your order, (317)678-8922.