Maverick Advantage partners with 1905 Brewing Company.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with 1905 Brewing Company!

“1905 Brewing Company grew from the seeds of a community seeking to make their town a better place to live and work. Seeing possibilities in an aging town, an aspiring group of individuals came together, brainstorming ways in invest in a small town’s future, while preserving a piece of its past. From that came an idea to brew and sell unique and flavorful beers within a setting of a renovated, century old building, rich with local history, located in the heart of Assumption, Illinois.

The brewery building was built, in 1905, to house Benderoth Hardware, a center of the mining-based community of its time. 1905 Brewing Company keeps that tradition as a community meeting place, while serving a wide range of beers with big, clean flavors.

1905 offers a memorable experience that suits the locals and also attracts those out searching the Illinois prairie for something a little different. Sit down, have a beer, and enjoy the small town life at 1905 Brewing Company.”

“They Make A Satisfying Squawk”

Here at Maverick Advantage we like to think that we have some pretty amazing..and innovative customers. We had recently received an e-mail from a great customer, Bob Locher. Bob advised that he, and his neighbor  Rich Chatelaine had figured a way to mount a bicycle horn to our mirror assembly on his Polaris Ranger 900XP. We were excited and intrigued to see what Bob and Rich had come up with. Rich used one of the two brackets supplied with the horn, (There are 2 – one to attach to the bike handle bar, and the other to the horn.) One was discarded. The other required the screw holes to opened up a bit and he used a metric screw, lock-washer and nut to fasten to the mirror bracket.


We are always excited to learn new ways our customers can improve on our products or add their own twist.


Thank you Bob for sharing this with us!


Happy Riding!


New Personalized Polar Camel Tumblers Are Here!

Maverick Advantage is very excited to announce the addition of Polar Camel Tumblers. These are available in 20 and 30 ounce options and are available in Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Teal, Light Blue, and Light Purple. Mix and match any of the desired colors!  The Polar Camel tumblers are meant to engraved with a logo or a design of your choice. We are here to help promote and support your small business, company, event or fundraiser. Please give us a call today to find out how to place your order, (317)678-8922.